Posted: February 23, 2012 in Artistic Creations

2011 JENNYS BDAY GIFT, Wrapped with pretty napkins from Tues Morning

I gave my sister a redone, old, vintage overnight case for her birthday. Being somewhat awkward to wrap I found some really nice, decorative napkins to wrap the gift in. I then added some fun ribbons and a glittery pink Christmas pick. I love how it turned out. What unique ideas have you come up with in your gift wrapping?

2011 ORNAMENTS FOR JENNYS BIRTHDAY, In suitcase I redid last year

A peek into the redone overnight case shows the two chunky Christmas tree ornaments I made for her out of cardboard shapes I found at the local craft shop. I simply glued on images and decorative tissue paper, added a clear craft varnish to protect and added lace ribbon to hang them on the tree with. I added all sorts of little fun stuff that I wrapped individually with the black and white napkins.



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