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Posted: March 6, 2012 in Artistic Creations, Photographs

Recently I was part of a Valentine swap with a great group of ladies.

The valentine I made was pretty unique:

I started with a plain cardboard mini folding screen that I found at the local craft store.

I covered each panel with scrapbook paper

Copies of old photos and other cutouts, were “showcased” on each panel

Each panel was framed with a really soft, sassy, white yarn.

Other trim and embellishments such as buttons and lace completed the design.

For durability I added a few coats of clear craft varnish.

Did you make anything special for

Valentines Day?

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Posted: February 29, 2012 in Artistic Creations

Mini frames that I embellished.

I dressed this little mini with vintage beads and a vintage earring at the top center.







Suggestions to consider when embellishing frames:

* Use an appropriate glue to attach your beads and other items. (I use Weld Bond glue which is found at craft stores and is non flammable, no real odors and bonds most craft items together.)

* Dab a little glue on the backs of self stick items (rhinestones, etc) to help ensure lasting adhesion.

* Clip off the backs of earrings, etc. so that they lay flatter.

* Put fun pictures in your mini frames and enjoy or give them as gifts (if you can part with them)

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Posted: February 23, 2012 in Artistic Creations
2011 JENNYS BDAY GIFT, Wrapped with pretty napkins from Tues Morning

I gave my sister a redone, old, vintage overnight case for her birthday. Being somewhat awkward to wrap I found some really nice, decorative napkins to wrap the gift in. I then added some fun ribbons and a glittery pink Christmas pick. I love how it turned out. What unique ideas have you come up with in your gift wrapping?

2011 ORNAMENTS FOR JENNYS BIRTHDAY, In suitcase I redid last year

A peek into the redone overnight case shows the two chunky Christmas tree ornaments I made for her out of cardboard shapes I found at the local craft shop. I simply glued on images and decorative tissue paper, added a clear craft varnish to protect and added lace ribbon to hang them on the tree with. I added all sorts of little fun stuff that I wrapped individually with the black and white napkins.


Welcome All

Posted: February 19, 2012 in Artistic Creations
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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to my new blog on Word Press

I will be posting about whatever stirs my fancy at the time.

In addition to some of my crafty creations,

photos of my sweet Kota dog,

favorite bible versus and/or thoughts;

I will feature old timey as well as other photos and

whatever else I can conjure up.

Please leave me your comments as I look forward to

seeing what you have to say.

** Visit anytime, we are open 24/7 **

I dedicate my blog to my sweet mom who is

no longer with us. 

She inspires me in most everything that I do. 

I miss her like crazy. Here’s to you mom!